10 Reasons Why You Want Videos on Your Listicle

First of all, if you think what in the world is a listicle? Well, a listicle is a way to get information out there in several different forms. In journalism, a listicle is a short-form of writing that uses lists as its structure and will have a number in its title telling you that there will be a list. In media, a listicle can be done using YouTube clips and helps get information out more quickly than reporting it because they are just short clips. So, why do you want to use videos on your listicle? I am going to give you 10 reasons why you should use videos on your listicle in this article.

Drive Traffic                                                                                                            It is no secret that it is way easier for the human brain to read lists thanany other type of short-form writing style. With social media such as Facebook and Twitter taking over the internet mainly short videos have become the thing to do over lunch break. You see something on Facebook that you think might be funny or of interest to you and you click on the video and possibly even share it with your co-workers and have a laugh or a discussion with others all because of this 1-minute video. Videos are the perfect way to get traffic to your articles or your site.

Drive Traffic

Build Engagement                                                                                                 As I just said, with social media always increasing, short videos are becoming more and more popular. It helps engage others in conversation and as a result, the video then gets shared and before you know it you have thousands maybe even millions of people watching your video clip and coming to your article to read what you have to say. So, what better way to increase your SEO than to build engagement?

Easily Shareable                                                                                                  Again, I cannot stress enough how much social media will help get people to view your content. A video is easily shareable and because of this people will see it more quickly than if it is just an article written. People want to see videos, and they love sharing them with their friend’s on Facebook and Twitter. So, because of this, it will help drive traffic to your listicle. Make that video of interest, and your video will be shared across the country.

Saves Reader Time                                                                                            Okay so no matter how you look at it, a listicle is going to save the reader time. However, a short video clip will save users time. A list is perfect for readers, and it helps them retain what they are reading but a video that is short can easily be watched in 30 seconds and the reader will still keep the information and will be able to look at it faster than they would be able to read a short article. 

Saves Reader Time

Enjoyable                                                                                                         People do not want to waste time reading an article when they can watch a short video and get the laugh they are looking for, the information they are looking for, or the entertainment they are looking for. People love and find enjoyment in watching those short little videos. These short little videos that bring happiness to everybody or mostly everybody will be shared to allow enjoyment for others.

Reader’s Know What They are Getting Into                                                    By reader’s being able to watch a video clip of what they are getting ready to read they will already know if they want to read it or if they want to skip reading it just by watching that 30-second video clip. I mean you would not buy a television without looking into the pros and cons of it so why should you read an article before getting a glimpse of what it is going to be about?

Readers Often Know What They are       Getting Into

Contains a Number                                                                                               By the title having a number in it, the reader or viewer already knows approximately how much time they are going to have to put into reviewing your work. You want people to view your video, so you want to keep it simple and use a number like 5 reasons to… or 10 reasons to… However many points you are going to make that is the number that should be in the title and in the short video clip.

Optimize Search Engine                                                                                      So, a video will not necessarily increase your SEO but a combined number of things will. As your post gets more likes, shares, clicks, and views from social media, your SEO will start to increase. With the added video and proper name to the title, it will quickly enhance your SEO. Add the video and watch your SEO soar to high numbers.

Search Engine Optimization


Increase Ad Revenue                                                                                      Videos generate 5-10 times more video ads than articles do. It also is better than the pop-up ads that drive viewers insane. I mean when I want to view an article I do not want to see hundreds of pop-ups I just want to be able to read the article. By having a video ad, it is short, and people do not mind waiting the 5 seconds it takes for the ad to roll. Do this and watch your videos become prime real estate.

Power of Click Bait                                                                                            Click bait is the best way to get people interested in your article or listicle. Click bait is where you have a catchy title like 10 Ways Your Mind Will Be Blown. A title such as this will automatically catch the eye of readers and entice them to click on it making your views increase. Make that catchy title, and people will naturally be so curious about what you are writing about that they will have no other choice but to click on your link and watch your short video for your listicle. It truly is that simple to get people to watch your videos. Just have a catchy title.

The Psychology of Listicles

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Want Videos on Your Listicle”

  1. Yep i can honestly say that i had never heard of a Listicle before i came across this article Ron lol, but after reading this it makes total sense to me, and i actually do a similar thing a lot without knowing it, like a sort of creating bullet point based list writing.

    Using videos to drive up social engagement is crucial and in a world where more and more is to be made online, videos are a powerful tool.

    Thanks for introducing me to this!

    1. Yea, I hear you. Wish I could take the credit you are giving me. But Thanks! Thought I was writing short, informative articles filled with brevity. Didn’t know the style had a special name?

      I’ve been schooled…

      “A listicle is writing, in short form that is usually found in blogging and journalism. It is a piece of writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list. Listicles can contain numbers or bullets and can consist of tips, facts, quotations, etc. So, if you see a blog article with lists and it contains bullets or numbers, you’ve just met your first listicle!”

      “A recent Buzzfeed listicle called “21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity” has attracted more than 13 million views”

      Who knew right?


  2. I always did wonder if adding videos to some of my posts or to some of my targeted keywords can help me improve with SEO, or help my site grow in the search engines, and this post has given me a clear explanation of what adding video can do for my websites health. Thanks a lot for it, it was fun, and easy to read.

    1. I too like going on social media or seeing an article with an embedded video. If it is under 3 minutes give or take, I’ll make the time to watch it. The whole idea of listicles is brevity. Fast facts/entertainment. We should remember putting a 15 minute video in an article sorta misses the point. Wouldn’t you think?

      Just an opinion. Not based on expert research?



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