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What Are 7 Primary Advantages of Self-Publishing?
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Self-publishing has become a popular route for highly successful authors in our society today. Even those who considered self-publishing as a thing for amateurs are now realizing that it comes with numerous advantages. Long gone are the days when authors used to shop around for contracts from major publishers.

  1. Maximum Profit

Self-publishers are nowadays reaping maximum profits from their work. The secret of acquiring full profits lies in getting the whole process of self-publishing right. As a matter of fact, numerous authors are now living their dreams after opting for self-publishing. Unlike in traditional publishing where authors have to pay substantial amounts of their profits, self-publishers pocket all their money after selling their books.

  1. Greater Control

Self-publishing offers authors greater creative control over their work. You are in control of your book’s title, appearance, content, formatting, cover, market, pricing, and promotions. The beauty of having maximum control over your book is that you are not coerced into making decisions by publishers you do not want to actually support . Self-publishing offers authors the privilege of making all the major decisions about their books without trying to impress editors, marketers, designers, or publishers.

  1. Longer market life
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Advancement in technology has made life easier for self-publishers. Self-publishing ensures that you no longer have to keep worrying about limited shelf life for your book since they remain in online bookstores indefinitely. Your book has all the time to find the right audience provided it has an enticing title, is creatively formatted and is well written.

  1. Faster publishing period

Time is always an important factor in a books publishing. Self-publishing ensures that authors do not have to endure endless stress and headaches by the hand of publishers. The beauty of self-publishing is that it takes less time to complete an entire book. Self-publishers can actually write as many books as possible without worrying about the suspense dates unlike those stuck in traditional publishing.

  1. Faster market Exposure

While traditional publishing may take much time, self- publishing guarantees authors faster market exposure. With self-publishing authors can market their books online immediately when done with their editing, designing, formatting and proofreading. Modern authors in self-publishing are smiling all the way to the bank due to their books enjoying faster exposure to a global market online.

  1. Better Royalties

Authors depend on their books royalties to earn a decent living. Self-publishing with CreateSpace, Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Pronoun, Barnes, and Noble ensures that authors enjoy maximum royalties. Self-publishers earn between 50-70% royalties. On the other hand, those in traditional publishing only earn about 10-15% royalties while the rest goes to publishers.

  1. Rights Retention
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Many authors are realizing that publishing contracts are designed to benefit the publishers among other players. As a result, most of them are now turning to self-publishing to retain full rights to their books. Authors in self-publishing retain all the rights for their work and are not required to get into consultations with other parties whenever they want to make the simplest changes.


Authors have every reason to self-publish and reap the full benefits from their book publishing and marketing efforts. How much more satisfying can it be knowing you identified a problem and provided a solution. You basically saw the pain (problem) and treated with a pain killer (book  solution). Right?

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