How to Market Your Book

It takes you time, focus and a lot of energy in order to create a book. After working so hard to choose your category, put together the content, write a description and created an attractive and professional looking cover, it’s time to think about publishing your book.

Book publishing is a competitive process and you need to know how to be unique. If you are planning to publish a book and intend to sell numerous copies, you need to put in place good marketing strategies.

You need to find an effective way of letting your audience aware that you’ve released a book for them which is going to add value to their lives. The following ideas can help you to kickstart your book marketing campaign.

  1. Website – With technology becoming predominant in today’s society, you can use it to market and sell your books. One great way of marketing your book is create a landing page for marketing your book. Alternatively, you can have a book store on your website to help you sell the current book and any future books you may write.
  2. Press Release – Write a compelling press release announcing the launch of your book. Ensure the content is awesome and focuses on how your book will solve a problem for your audience. Book press releases are an excellent way of creating awareness and possibly, generate the attention of the media.
  3. Blog – Come up with blog posts which are related to your book’s subject
    You can not do it all constantly

    matter. For instance, if your book focuses on interior décor, it’s good to write blog posts that revolve around various interior décor topics. In addition, you can post guest blogs on popular blogs in your niche in order to expand your audience. In your blogs, include a direct call to action button in order to market your book.

  4.  Email – Start to gradually build your email list and make an announcement of your book release in your list. You could be creative and offer a reward to your subscribers by coming up with a promotional price for your book. Invite your subscribers to share the promotional price with their friends.
  5. Social Media – Social media is the in-thing now and the most effective way of connecting with your audience in order to promote and sell your book. There are various ways you can use social media. For instance, you can come up with a virtual signing, book contest or an event to discuss more about your book and engage with your fans. These are some of the great ways you can use social media to market your book and achieve higher sales.
  6. YouTube – Video is a great way to advertise your book. A unique way to
    Bookstore Consignment is another option!

    market your book is to create a book trailer similar to a movie trailer to create interest and let the online community know about your new book. This method has worked well for a lot of authors marketing their newly published books.

  7. Book Groups – There are various groups on the internet that specifically draw membership from authors and readers. Find relevant groups you feel will help with your marketing efforts and join them. Begin connecting, sharing and promoting your book and those of your fellow authors online.

Book marketing is a time intensive task that requires focus and deployment of good strategy. Keep in mind that a book cannot sell itself, if you want great sales, you have to do more to get your book to the public.

How to Promote Your Author Platform (Website)

A website has become a necessity in today’s business World. As an author, it is essential to have a well-designed and functional website to promote your work. An effective website can be beneficial to your career in so many ways.

How do you promote your author website?

Here’s how;

A clear Domain Name and relevant titles

You can not just stand there.

One of the best ways of promoting your author website is by choosing your domain name carefully. Your domain name should be easy for your target audience to find through Search engines. Consider choosing a domain name that will earn a top SEO ranking to drive increased traffic to your website. Focus on building a solid brand that people can identify by using your name. Using clear relevant and descriptive titles and domain name can be invaluable in your effort to promote your author platform. Desist from using complicated numbers, dashes, words or spellings if you want people to remember your domain name better.

Your Web Design matters

People get attracted by things that look good. There is wisdom in hiring a professional web designer to streamline your author website’s design. A beautifully designed and functional website that has a professional appearance will certainly attract curious prospects online. Your template should be simple yet sophisticated in a beautiful way for your site to make the desired impact. An excellently designed website should have easy navigation, uncluttered visibility and attractive. Quality plus relevant content can be a powerful combination to promote your author website online.

Ignoring ”About Us Page” is a risky business

The greatest mistake many authors do is to neglect the About Us Page. Create a powerful, convincing, interesting and easy to understand about us page informing your target audience how you can add value to their lives. A good page will attract the right crowd to your author platform. Convincing your audience that they will gain abundantly from your website will lead to increased traffic effectively.

Have a Niche audience in mind

Focusing on attracting the right audience can boost your effort in promoting your author platform effectively. With a niche audience in the picture, it becomes extremely easy to create relevant and interesting content to motivate them to keep visiting your site. Remember, it is inevitable to avoid some unpleasant commentary from a few negative minded fans. Of course, not everyone will be impressed with your savvy, highly valuable and interesting content. In this aspect – know it to be so and maintain a thick skin. Consider creating irresistible content that aligns with your target group to increase your author website’s traffic significantly.

Include like and Sharing Options

Including a sharing option is one of the most effective ways of driving

social networking.

increased traffic to your author website. The more people that like and share your website’s content the better for you. Consider adding Pin It, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and Facebook buttons to your content as a way of spreading the word about your work. Make your content a must read for your fans to feel motivated and inspired to share with their friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Try out the above vital tips and see your web traffic increase abundantly.

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