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Books, and ebooks, are being judged by their covers. It isn’t a secret that better covers deliver higher sales figures. There is a website that saves you from having to learn graphic design from scratch:

Learn simple techniques to produce a professional looking print book or ebook

You are able to design the cover you have in mind if you take the time to familiarize yourself with the set-up. Making use of this resource is a significantly cheaper route to take. If you do not have the time to make your own cover, look for services on the freelance websites (mentioned below under Formatting). Freelance cover designers are able to complete jobs for a lower price than professional designers.

Book Design Templates

These ready-to-use templates for Microsoft Word and InDesign are a great alternative to the high cost of professional design services. Joel Friedlander (of The Book Designer, mentioned) takes care of the major details — like typography and industry-standard formatting — so you can add your custom text and be ready to go with a professional-looking book.

Licenses start at $37.


At 99Designs, you can pick from a selection of custom-designed covers to find the perfect one for your book. Start by filling out a questionnaire so designers can get an idea of what you’re looking for. Designers submit their ideas, and after a few rounds of feedback, you pick the winner.

Packages start at $299, with more expensive packages guaranteeing more designs to choose from and more expert designers.

DIY Book Covers

This resource gives you access to everything you need to design a beautiful book cover: Tutorial videos, fonts, easy-to-edit templates, promotional materials, and more.

No design skills are necessary to create a unique cover to fit your book! boasts a huge selection of pre-made book covers that are ready for you to customize and download immediately. Once you buy a book cover it is never sold again, ensuring your book is one of a kind.

Covers start as low as $69.


The secret, is to use the universal “epub” format to create a single e-book file – accepted by every digital retailer


In order to upload files to websites such as KDP, your novel needs to be in a certain format. Even if you are competent with HTML, formatting an ebook can be a complicated and daunting task. Jutoh is a website that is a flexible formatter for any ebook. It provides formatting for Kindles, iBooks and Google Play. It is easy to use for beginners to formatting. If you are looking for an even cheaper route, there are websites such as and

These are platforms for freelancers in all fields to offer their skills. Many freelancers are able to edit novels to fit a variety of different formats.

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Some Self-Publishing Forums>>

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