The Importance of Editing

One of the biggest mistakes an author can make is to publish a book they’ve edited themselves. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. It’s essential to hire an editor for your book so that you get the results that you want.

Your Reputation Is at Stake
Credible Reputation

If there are spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes in your book you can absolutely bet that at least a dozen people will publicly call you out. They’ll talk about it in your book reviews. They’ll reach out to you and tell you about the mistakes.

And those aren’t even the people that you want to worry about. What may concern you most are the people that don’t say anything. The people that would have appreciated your information and value, your customers and readers, will doubt your information.

While the simple spelling and grammar errors may not seem like much, they do impact your credibility. If you’re going to sell books, you want your readers to trust the information that you’re sharing. You want them to turn to you for more information and resources.

You’ll Lose Sales

Another thing that can happen when your readers find errors is that they’ll return the book. Buyers of digital, audio, and print books can return them and they do. And digital book readers are particularly finicky. They expect digital books to be top quality.

If You Can’t Edit It Yourself, How Do You Edit It?

You might be wondering why you can’t edit it yourself – why your eyes


aren’t good enough to find the mistakes. The truth is that you know your material so well that you’re just going to miss mistakes. A fresh reader and someone that is a professional editor and knows what to look for and how to make it better, is the best approach.

You can find a number of professional readers available online. However, don’t just take their word for it that they’re a great editor. Check references, ask for recommendations, and check into their experience. You don’t want to hire an editor, trust in their abilities, publish your book and then find out that they missed key mistakes.

Beta Readers

After editing and before you launch your book, ask a few trusted people to

Beta Reader

read your book. These readers are called beta readers. They can read your book not only for content but also for errors and clarity. Beta readers can also be the first folks to leave reviews once you publish your book.

Editing your book is the last step to take before you publish. You put a lot of time, energy, and money into creating your book, so it’s important that the book represents you in the way you want to be represented.

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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Editing”

  1. This is great information into why having an editor is important to all writers, and also to have trusted people read the book, or even an article before publishing. The feedback will help find any mistakes made before the public reads the work. This information actually going to help me think about my writing before publishing. So thank you for addressing this topic.

    1. Very important indeed. Purchased a couple books a friend wrote having the intent to write a confirmed purchase review.There were so many spelling errors in both books I was embarrassed for the author. Asked her to redo the interior as in time, people will eat her for lunch so bad she would not even be able to give the books away.That would be a shame as, both stories were really good.


  2. This is awesome. I have never published a book but I want too one day. You bring up some good questions. Yes you may be tempted to save money and do it yourself but yes we can be blind to ourselves.

    So it is better to have an outside party help us with that part. And yes people can be very cruel and judgmental. Ha ha.
    Especially if they are opposed to your point of view. It is great to play it safe in this case. I agree hire an editor

    1. Hi Turtle Dove

      So very true being blinded to ourselves! I was the duty officer for a while and responsible for all kinds of things associated with Military Police. Some things for sure were various written reports, their statements, chain of command for evidence ledgers, blotter entries, radio logs, index cards, and a ton of other written stuff. A trick I used long before computer software, MS Word/word check, etc. was to read everything from bottom to top and backwards. Helped the mind actually focus on individual words and this kept the mind from making assumptions that would have been an embarrassment to explain to the Provost Marshal, Division or Post Commander.

      Also, carried a hand-held spell check that was the size of a checkbook back in the days. It is easy to be a critic when in charge just like it is easy to be victimized by superiors because of spelling, grammar or word misuse.


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