Free Resources for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Free Resources for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Today’s marketplace is cluttered and crowded; and this is not exactly good news for entrepreneurs and start-up owners. Fortunately, there are different tools that you can use in order to make your brand stand out. Here are the categories of the must-have tools that you should immediately secure for your business.

A. Business Tools for Success

Since we are in a fairly modern market place, you need to utilize different tools that will empower you to use the Internet as a means to drive and influence business processes. Make sure that you sign up for these tools that will help you get your brand online.

1.   For you to be able to mount a website for free, use the following business tools:

·         Bootstrap Zero – A collection of templates that is wonderfully open-sources

· or – Allows users to create a website for absolutely no cost

·         Layers – A website builder that you can use with WordPress for absolutely nothing

2.   To create or improve your professional branding, use the following:

·         Logaster

·         Squarespace Free Logo

3.   To generate and track your invoices for free, you can use the following business options:

·         Invoice to Me

·         Wave

·         Free Invoice Generator

4.   To better manage ideas from different parties, these tools will be of so much help:

·         Experiment Board

·         Skitch


B. Marketing Resources for Better Market Visibility

For your business to become a running success, you need to use the proper marketing techniques that will promote your business, along with your products and services. If you need help in this front, then you should check out the following tools.

1.   To improve the way that you produce content for your website and your blogs, check out the following:

·         Grammarly

·         ZenPen

·         Story Wars

·         Egg Timer

·         Wattpad

·         Editorial Calendar

2.   To ensure that your SEO process is clean and to analyze the running statistics of your website, you may use the following:

·         Google Analytics

·         Copyscape

·         Quick Sprout

·         SEO Site Checkup

3.   To ensure that you maintain proper market relationship and perception via social media, get your hands on the following marketing resources:

·         Latergram

·         WriteRack

·         SocialRank

C. Design & Code Resources for a Nice Visual Experience

In a marketplace where most business dealings, transactions, and marketing is done online, you cannot and should not underestimate the value of a good design. If you do not have an in-house designer, then you can take care of your basic design needs using the right resources.

1.   For overall resources that you need to strike up inspiration or to work on crafting your vision, you may use the following:

·         Premium Pixels

·         Graphic Burger

·         365 PSD

·         UI Space

2.   If you need a boost in finding your creative design juices, then get inspired with the following resources:

·         MaterialUP

·         UI Cloud

·         Ocean

·         Behance

·         Awwwards

3.   If you want your online copy to jump out of the page using the right typography, use these tools:

·         Typekit

·         Adobe Edge Fonts

·         FontFace Ninja

4.   For other useful tools that will improve the overall visual experience of your platform, check out the following:

·         Sonics

·         Copy Paste Character

·         UI Names

D. Productivity for Profit

Working in an out of office environment can be quite tricky, which is why you need to get your hands on the right tools that will keep you focused. Here are resources that you may use to set the right environment for productivity-driven profit.

1.   To set the right tone – and tune – for working, you can play background sounds using the following tools:

·         Noisli

·         Defonic

·         Octave

·         Free Sound

2.   To keep you focused and to help you avoid environmental distractions, you can improve your attention prowess using the following:

·         Cold Turkey

·         Self Control

3.   If you prefer tending to processes digitally and if remote work is your thing, then you may use these tools to keep ticking your to-do boxes:

·         Nomad Jobs

·         Lastroom

·         Workfrom

·         Founded x Startup Stats

4.   To make it easier to organize files and to collaborate with other workers, use these tools:

·         Pocket

·         Slack

·         Trello

E. Learn with these Resources and Climb your Way to the Top

Being an entrepreneur and managing a successful start-up will entail continuous learning and re-learning. To keep your mind sharp, there are learning tools that you may use at your free time.

1.   To build the foundations of your company with people who are not geographically present, you may use:

·         Founder2be

·         Assembly

·         CoFoundersLab

2.    To access learning resources and curriculum that will add to your business knowledge and gear you with the right business philosophies, check out:

·         Coursera

·         Skillshare

·         The How

·         The Lean LaunchPad

·         Launch This Year

3.   To curate the right tools that will help you on the way to the top, you may use:

·         Product Hunt

·         Startups List

·         Erli Bird

4.   To access newsletters that will deliver relevant information straight to your inbox, use these resources:

·         Email1K

·         Charge What You’re Worth

·         Startup Digest

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