Promote Your Cause By Publishing a Book

(NewsUSA) – It’s common for celebrities who experience tragedy and want to help others to have a book published by a traditional publisher. But now, “everyday people” can do the same thing. The power of publishing has truly gone public.

Thanks to continuing advancements in digital technology and print-on-demand resources, more people who want to make others aware of a worthy cause can have a professionally published book.

When Margarete Cassalina lost her daughter Jena to cystic fibrosis, her world stopped; life, as she knew it, was over. Within one year, however, Cassalina went from the depths of depression to simply existing to recovery, discovering that she could not just survive but even harness the power of true and absolute love. She literally went from “beyond breathing” to living a full and purposeful life.

Cassalina published her book, “Beyond Breathing” through iUniverse (an imprint of indie publisher Author Solutions), and a film about her story is currently in production. Sixty-five percent of the net proceeds from book sales go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Indie book publishing empowers anyone to publish a professionally designed book, maintaining complete control of the content, rights and marketing. For as little as $1,000, a book can be available for sale on all leading online retailers and ordered at any bookstore.

“I’ll never stop the fight to eradicate cystic fibrosis by spreading the word, speaking to groups and raising money,” says Cassalina. “The ability to publish a book and use it as a vehicle to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis has been invaluable.”

Blogging to Promote Your Cause

In Reg Green’s case, his world turned upside down when his son Nicholas was murdered. Green published The Nicholas Effect through Author Solutions imprint AuthorHouse. The book chronicles his experience and promotes organ donation. Nicholas literally saved the lives of seven people who received his organs. Green has sold tens of thousands of books and speaks regularly on the topic of organ donation.

“I was able to expand awareness of the importance of organ donation and use my book as a tool to get in front of people and relay the story of how my beloved son saved the lives of so many,” says Green.

“Indie book publishing isn’t just about fulfilling literary dreams,” says Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions. “A book is a powerful tool to educate and make the public aware of pressing social issues.”

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8 thoughts on “Promote Your Cause By Publishing a Book”

  1. It is heartening that extraordinary stories of survivors of struggles can be published in an ordinary manner. The ability to reach out to millions of readers out there to promote something you believed for is definitely encouraging.

    What’s more the examples you quoted, cassalina and Nicholas both donate a large bulk of their proceeds to the cause they fought for to help others which I think is one of the greatest thing a man can do.

    1. That’s right Leo the are extraordinary supporters of their causes. We now realize books are powerful tools to educate and make the public aware of pressing social issues

      Consider also Keith Ogorek too. A self-published author and SVP of marketing at Author Solutions shares seven secrets he has learned from his own experience and from conversations with hundreds of authors on what it takes to succeed in today’s rapidly changing publishing marketplace.

      Regards, Ron

  2. What I really like about this is that it gives people the opportunity for those who have experienced something terrible in their lives and turn it around for something good.

    I think it’s great that through publishing their stories, they are able to raise awareness of an issue that has deeply affected them and it opens up many opportunities to speak to groups of people which they may not have had before if they didn’t publish a book.

    This is a wonderful vehicle for people to use to promote awareness of a cause that is dear to their heart and help to bring change where it’s needed.

    1. Hi Adrian

      For sure we use promotion (getting the word out) to advocate awareness of a cause!

      Awareness-raising can be an important part of developing community support for changes in (for example) the informal justice sector and a billion other things needing a call to attention!

      Thanks for your thoughts!



  3. I like the fact that it’s easier now more than ever to have as a book published by independent publishers.
    Also, the fact that people can share information through books on things they believe in the hope that it could assist someone else who might be going through a similar situation is profound both to the reader and the writer.

    1. Hi Leonard

      And, besides books to raise awareness there are Sooooo many epic ways to promote a cause above and beyond Social Media. Some examples being; Turn Change into Charitable Donations, Donate Your Computer’s Idle Time,

      I will be expanding my site info on ways, place and tools available to self publish. Thanks for your thoughts. It helps me organize!



  4. Greetings Ron,

    I can’t even begin to fathom how anyone could move forward, after what Margarete and Rej suffered. It really is quite amazing that “ordinary” people can share their extraordinary lives through the world of self-publishing.

    The word “publishing” can sound so intimidating, but it’s reassuring to know that “regular” folks can get their message out to the masses, without having to get a degree.

    Thank you for providing this information, Ron.

    All the best,

    1. Thank you Veronica. Publishing has a lot of requirements for sure but your comments help me get the right things together to make self-publishing more easily obtainable. One thing for sure, the Commercial Big Boys aren’t laughing anymore!! Just like WA is to marketing; self-publishing management will be to writers!!



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