How-To Get Your Work Copyrighted

Getting Copyright protection is very important as an author. Copyright protection ensures you’re your work is not infringed by third parties. By getting your work copyrighted, you can seek legal assistance in cases of infringement. Many writers have had to endure painful experiences after failing to get their work copyrighted under the international laws which can be daunting for anyone.

Here are 4 different ways of getting copyrighted;

Register your work                                                                                    Consider registering your work with the Copyright office. Copyright registration has been simplified by the advancement in technology. It only takes a few minutes to complete the whole process of registration. Authors can find the registration forms, fill them out and even make payments to Copyright registration service offices online without hiccups. Registering your work protects you from any infringers. However, it is necessary to ensure that your work is 100% plagiarism free to avoid legal tussles of your own with other copyright registered writers. You can successfully file for compensation from copyright offenders if you gather enough evidence of infringement on your work.

Agreement of ownership rights between co-authors                                  For writers who are involved in joint ventures, it is easy to get your work copyrighted through an agreement of ownership between co-authors. The good thing about this agreement is that it clearly defines who owns what rights and vice versa. By signing this agreement, you can rest assured that you are copyright protected in case your partnership falls apart.

Mark your work properly                                                                                       It is tremendously important for writers to ensure that their work is properly marked using copyright notices. You will deter infringement on your work if you display warning notices. Many selfish people are quick to reap where they did not sow. By including copyright awareness notices, people will take your work seriously and desist from committing any infringements that may lead to costly legal battles.

Keep supporting evidence                                                                                     It is important for authors to consider registering and keeping their work’s supporting evidence. It is extremely easy to have a strong case against copyright offenders when you can produce enough supporting evidence. Authors are required to prove that their work is 100% original. Supporting evidence is normally categorized under the evolution of ideas and watermarking. The evolution of ideas includes; initial sketches, synopsis, recordings and early stage drafts among many other things. Watermarking, on the other hand, refers to the process of inserting well- hidden footprints to act as evidence in case of infringement. Watermarks are normally difficult to alter or get rid of for offenders.

Conclusion                                                                     Implement Copyright protection for your own convenience as an author. Copyright protection makes it possible for you to sue offenders successfully predominantly when you can prove that your original work was infringed for personal or commercial purposes.

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