Some Self Publishing Forums

Some Self-Publishing Forums

Writers understand each other. They understand what it’s like to struggle with dialogue, to fall in love with a character and to build entire worlds from scratch. These are your contemporaries. You need a community where you can get into discussions with fellow writers who struggle in the same areas you do. Fellow authors can also help pull you from the mire of despair when the going gets tough, and they’ll motivate you to write those last thousand words.

Absolute Write Water Cooler
absolute write MacAllister Stone’s forum extension of the Absolute Write Blog, this huge community of writers can offer conversation, discussion and enlightenment on many writing-related topics. The link will take you to the Self-Publishing and POD forum, where the discussion mostly involves self-publishers.

There are over 500 threaded conversations in this forum, so searching the archives can often answer your question. Check out the thread on experiences with LuLu, for an example of what you can expect.


AgentQuery Connect
AgentQuery Connect is our coolest way to help aspiring writers. It’s a free social networking site that allows our AQC members to meet and greet online—above and beyond the traditional message boards and writers’ forums.


Nathan Bransford’s Forum
A relatively new forum attached to the blog of literary agent Nathan Bransford, the All Things Publishing forum is becoming more popular every week. This link is to the part of the forum related to publishing, but other areas offer threads on writing, submissions, and other aspects of the writer’s life. Currently there are 58 threaded topics with almost 400 posts in this forum, which is only a few months old.


John Kremer’s Book Marketing Network
From indie book-marketing guru John Kremer. For book authors, self-publishers, publishers, publicists, ebook authors, and others involved in writing, publishing, and marketing e/books.

This network has over 5,000 members, and many forums and blogs where you can interact with other authors.


Self Published Authors
Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors (formerly Self-Published Author’s Lounge) was founded by Ruth Ann Nordin and Stephannie Beman in an effort to create a website dedicated to helping the self-publisher or those thinking of self-publishing to learn about the self-publishing business. They want a supportive atmosphere for self-published authors and welcome all newcomers to subscribe to their blog through RSS feed or email subscription.


Developed by the Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), this new social network has over 300 members and several lively discussion forums. One of the new discussion forums focuses on Books and Blogs, and if it keeps growing, it will be a valuable resource.


The   Writer’s Workshop
An active British Writers Community. There is a forum part: Find out How To Get Published and one “Explore the best book on Getting Published”, “Self-publishing in the UK” or “Your experience with POD publishing”.

The Word Cloud is a free community where writers can read each other’s work, offer comments and get feedback. The forum allows you to discuss books, scripts and writing with fellow writers, enter regular competitions, and much more.


Writing Forums
They are a privately owned but community managed active writing forum where you can share your work, talk with other writers, and creative artists in a safe and friendly environment, exchange tips and tricks and loads more.

 Always looking for other good writer’s forums?

Just like you; I am always looking for other good writer’s forums out there that are highly populated. A place where we can read and critique others work, and get the same for our own. Any good recommendations?

Please leave the url in the comments section for each of us to find. I will keep them consolidate in the following list; [not the .com version!] [for screenwriters] [free articles,references, lists, resources, mentoring] [free writing help/mentoring]

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