The 9 Stages of Self-Publishing

The process of self-publishing involves several stages before a book is fully completed.

Writing                                                                                                                    As an author, it is your responsibility to use your creativity and skills to come up with a good storyline. Your manuscript should be able to end in a completed product that is engaging, informative and entertaining at the same time before thinking of publishing it

Critical Assessment and Editing                        Self-publishing involves an in-depth manuscript editing and critical assessment. This is normally a tedious experience for many authors. Producing a high-quality manuscript requires experience and skills. This process can be time-consuming, costly and overwhelming particularly if you are inexperienced. It is your responsibility as a self-publisher to ensure that your manuscript is well-edited before considering it as final draft.

Copy Editing                                                                                           Copyediting involves engaging a third party to ensure that your manuscript is grammatically correct. This process is aimed at eradicating all mistakes such as poor grammar, wrong spelling, lack of punctuation marks and wrong captions among others. At the end of copy editing, your manuscript should have all the right qualities to make a pleasant and lasting impression read.

Typesetting                                                                                                        Now, this is where your manuscript is converted into a real book. The process of typesetting involves placing the right graphics, photographs, page size, and color to give a good first impression to your readers. It is imperative to check and countercheck your content to ensure that it qualifies as perfection.

Text and Cover                                                       Every book has its own unique text and cover design appearance. This is a very important process that any self-publisher cannot afford to overlook. This is where you ensure that your book’s typographical and cover design are perfect for readers to find your book worth buying. Think first impression!

 ISBN Registration                                                                                                  It is important for self-publishers to ensure that their work is ISBN registered. Each self-published book is given its own unique ISBN number for its publisher’s identification. It is impossible to sell your book online through a distribution service or physically without ISBN registration.

Printing                                                                           Your self-published book printing is entirely dependent on the quality of your equipment and experience. It is imperative to ensure that your book’s printing is of high quality to attract readers. A poorly printed book can be self destruction

Bibliographic and Copyright Registration                                                   Self-publishing cannot be successful without bibliographic and copyright registration. This process is priceless for writers. It ensures that you get the right recognition for your work and eliminates your chances of being exploited by third parties in the publishing industry.

Publicity and Marketing                                                                                      To start earning, you need to promote your book through marketing and publicity. You should have the ability to penetrate through all the complex sales and distribution systems to be a successful self-publisher. It takes dedication, time, sweat, creativity and finances to attract the right publicity for your book through the marketing process.

Conclusion                                                                                                      Getting the entire staging and implementation process of self-publishing wired will lead to increased sales and profits.

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4 thoughts on “The 9 Stages of Self-Publishing”

  1. I am curious more about the marketing you mentioned as one of these stages. Obviously you need to market your book out there for people to see it or nobody will buy it.

    I am curious in your opinion what the best basic things are you can do to market a book. You mentioned how much time and dedication it takes to market your book the right way. Are there any major but basic pieces of advice you can give for people looking to do that?

    1. Hi Brad, thanks for this questions. There is no simple answer here.

      I can provide a few marketing directions but..

      There also are no one-size-fits-all solutions to generating sales for your book.

      There are free author accounts on the Internet to market a book. One example is Many authors really love these type sites as it allows exposure to genre specific readers.

      Once you have more than one title available, offering a permanently free or ‘permafree’ first book in a series is a good tactic that’s familiar to many.

      If you try every piece of advice out there on marketing your book, you’re going to spread yourself way too thin to be effective.

      Create an professional (author) website where the media and readers can go to see your latest news and information

      Talk to local book stores say, within an hour of your location and set up book consignments. I have personally did this and got very good sales responses.

      Write Blog articles relevant to your work

      Use social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Pinterest, etc. An hour a day of socializing should likely bring results

      Set up a Google Alert and be notified when someone shows interest in your book. Look them up and Network.

      Realistically, the best person to market your book is you. You know the book inside and out, you know your own story, and you know your audience.

      I will address more ideas in future articles.



  2. Thanks for the overview. I will delve into your site a bit deeper do I can understand this all better.

    Even self-publishing I would still be working through another company for the copy editing, typesetting,
    cover design and any printing. Would you recommend to any companies I should be considering for that? or links to valid resources fro deciding who to hire?

    1. Hello Geoff

      When I self-publish I try to do a good majority of my own work i.e. copy editing, typesetting and sometimes cover design. But I have been through the book publish process 43 times so far.

      I have used CreateSpace for getting the book to market. Barns & Nobel and many others are part of their domestic distribution and foreign markets as well. I also distribute through Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Pronoun Books Kindle and ACX. All have different design requirements and protocols. All of them also allow you to set up an Author Bio Platform.

      To save time on format requirements for various publishing (Print on Demand, Kindle or Ebook platforms and cover design; I contract providers out of both and They have crafters that are very reasonable and some specialize on certain distributors such as Kindle only, Smashwords etc.

      I could go on for pages here and likely will in future articles. That will be where I drill down on specifics in much greater detail. I hope at least I provided some sense of direction in this spot of brevity.

      Thanks for the question Geoff. You gave me a wheelbarrow loaded with nuggets I’ll need to write about.



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